Puttalam District

Puttalam is a district situated near to the west coast of Sri Lanka. It has an area of 3,072 km2 (1,186 sq mi).[1] Along with the Kurunegala District, it formulates the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. The district capital is Puttalam, which borders the Kala Oya and Modaragam Aru in the north, Anuradhapura District and Kurunegala District in the east, Ma Oya in the south, and the Indian Ocean in the west. Puttalam is well known for its picturesque lagoons, popular for shallow sea fishing and prawn farming activities. The town of Kalpitiya, and the Kalpitiya Peninsula, is located in this district.

Puttalam district is a multi-religious area. Buddhism is the major religion in the district. It has established since the early part of the Anuradhapura kingdom. The second commonest religion is the Roman Catholics. In addition to two of the above major religions Hindusium, Christianity and Islam are well established in the area. Munneswaram Hindu Temple, St. Anne's Church Thalawila are some of the historical religious places in the area.

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