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Navodya Industrial Coconut Scraper - NCG 14

Navodya Industrial Coconut Scraper - NCG 14

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(SKU: LSH000F882) The Navodya Industrial Coconut Scraper, Model NCG 14, is a specialized kitchen tool designed for effortlessly grating coconuts. This model combines functionality and convenience to streamline the coconut preparation process. It is equipped with features that facilitate efficient coconut scraping for culinary purposes. The scraper's design ensures safety and user-friendly operation, making it suitable for both domestic and industrial use. It's an essential device for extracting fresh coconut shreds, allowing for easy incorporation into a wide range of recipes, from traditional dishes to modern culinary creations. The Navodya Industrial Coconut Scraper Model NCG 14 is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable tool to simplify the task of coconut grating.14

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