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Mansala Safari House, Udawalawe

Mansala Safari House, Udawalawe

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(SKU: LK15002758) The Mansala Safari House offers a captivating blend of nature and comfort, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an authentic wildlife experience coupled with modern amenities. As the premier accommodation of its kind in the region, Mansala Safari House stands as a testament to environmental consciousness and luxury.


Set against the backdrop of Udawalawe's transition between wet and dry zones, Mansala Safari House boasts a prime location that harmoniously merges diverse flora and fauna. Situated a mere stone's throw away from the renowned Ath Athuru Sevana Elephant Orphanage and a brief five-minute drive from the Uda Walawe National Park, this haven is perfectly positioned for an immersive journey into Sri Lanka's natural wonders.


Mansala Safari House provides an exceptional stay with its collection of thoughtfully designed accommodations. Guests can choose from a selection of 45 Deluxe and Superior rooms, as well as 6 luxurious suites. Each living space is meticulously furnished, offering comfort and elegance that complements the surrounding wilderness.


This eco-friendly retreat is committed to sustainable practices. The resort is equipped with its own state-of-the-art sewerage treatment plant and waste water facilities that ensure minimal impact on the environment. Guests can enjoy modern amenities guilt-free, knowing that their stay contributes to preserving the beauty of the region.


Beyond its luxurious offerings, Mansala Safari House invites guests to embark on unforgettable excursions and day tours. With the Ath Athuru Sevana Elephant Orphanage just a stone's throw away and the Uda Walawe National Park a short drive distant, guests can immerse themselves in the captivating world of Sri Lanka's wildlife. Additionally, the area's rich historical sites and cultural wonders promise a well-rounded and satisfying experience for even the most discerning travelers. In summary, Mansala Safari House Udawalawe presents an exceptional blend of opulence, eco-consciousness, and proximity to natural and cultural attractions, making it an unparalleled destination for those seeking an enriching and luxurious escape in the heart of Sri Lanka's wilderness.

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