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Countryside Cycling from Polonnaruwa

Countryside Cycling from Polonnaruwa

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Countryside Cycling from Polonnaruwa

(SKU: LK60120200) Get your cycling shoes you go cross country cycling and fishing in Polonnaruwa on this wonderful tour. See the best views of the landscape and take the time to actually enjoy what you see. Watch the colorful wildlife as you pass by on your bike. Take a canoe ride up Parakrama Samudra with some local fishermen, and let them teach you some of the tricks of their trade.



  • Country cycling
  • Local house visit
  • Inland Fishing


  • Cycles and Cycling guide/ supporting crew
  • Back up vehicle (Cycle Carrier)
  • Water and refreshments during the ride
  • Canoeing ride.

What to Expect

You will be starting your cycling tour at 8:00 am at the entrance to the ruins of ancient Polonnaruwa. You will get mountain bikes with helmets, a cycling guide, a back vehicle and refreshments as part of this tour package. You will be cycling a distance of approximately 25km.

The trail will take you through bright green paddy fields that carpet the countryside. Many of the locals in the area are are paddy farmers. You will visit the home of one of them, where you will get to see their life style. You will be shown the famed Sri Lankan hospitality, possibly accompanied by a cup of tea and refreshments. Next you will visit an old salon, which is supposed to have a history of over a century. You can a local haircut here.

Afterwards you will be continuing on to the vast reservoir, Parakrama Samudra. The Sea of Parakrama, as it is also known, was the creation of King Parakramabahu I who wished to utilize all much rainwater as possible. Now, eight centuries later, the reservoir remains a tremendous accomplishment. The reservoir is used to irrigate the fields around Polonnaruwa and as a favorite fishing spot of the locals.

Once you get to the reservoir you will be met by some local fishermen. They will tell you more about the inland fishing in Polonnaruwa. You will then be taken out onto the water in canoes where you can try your hand at fishing with the bamboo rods provided by the fishermen. During the canoe ride you will be able to see some amazing views of the landscape with the Knuckles Range visible in the distance. You will also catch glimpses wildlife such as elephants and deer coming to quenching their thirst at the banks of the reservoir. Many aquatic and wading birds can also be observed trying to make a meal of the fish in Parakrama Samudra

After finishing your boat ride, you will cycle back to your starting point at the entrance to the Polonnaruwa ruins; completing your tour by 12:00 pm.

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