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Battler Green Elephant OPA (100g) Caddy

Battler Green Elephant OPA (100g) Caddy

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(SKU: LSZ180C20D) The Battler Green Elephant OPA Tin Caddy is a symbol of tea elegance, housing 100g of superior-grade tea leaves. Its design showcases a captivating green elephant motif, embodying a fusion of tradition and modernity. The term "OPA" signifies the finest Orange Pekoe A grade tea, celebrated for its intact, larger tea leaves. Encased within this tin caddy, the tea retains its essence and freshness, accentuated by the airtight seal that safeguards its quality. This caddy is more than just packaging; it's a testament to the art of tea preservation and presentation. Brewing from its contents promises an exquisite tea experience, where flavor and aroma meld harmoniously. Ideal for tea aficionados seeking both aesthetic allure and premium taste, the Battler Green Elephant OPA Tin Caddy enriches each cup with the heritage and excellence of exceptional tea.

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