Rubia cordifolia

Rubia cordifolia Rubia cordifolia Rubia cordifolia

The Rubia cordifolia is a perennial vine with a long root system with a slender quadrangular stem. The weak stem, which is red in the center and breaks easily, grows to a length of about 6 m. Clear knots can be seen on the stem. Leaves and stems grow near the nodes. Small spine-like structures can be seen on the surface. The simple leaves are ovate or oblanceolate in shape and are arranged in ring-shaped piles. Often there are 4 sheets in one file and sometimes 6 or 8 are found. A sheet is cm long. Grows to 2-5 or sometimes 9 cm wide. 1-1.25 or sometimes can grow up to 4. On the surface of the leaf blade there is a smooth, hard crust. Short dichotomous multiaxial peduncles borne apically and orbicularly. Small flowers with 5 petals are greenish yellow. The green, fleshy fruit turns purple when ripe and blackish-purple when fully ripe.

Rubia cordifolia is particularly useful in the treatment of skin diseases, lack of appetite, indigestion, dysentery, helminths, dyspepsia, blood pollution, rakta pitta, vana, cancer, burns, paralysis, pandua, abhighata, etc. it takes. Vine has properties such as astringent, antipyretic, anthelmintic, purifying breast milk, blood purifier, eye stimulant, aphrodisiac, body nature improver, poison remover, chemical etc.

Rubia cordifolia is part of the catalog of ayurvedic medicinal plants of Sri Lanka.

Rubia cordifolia Rubia cordifolia Rubia cordifolia

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