Asparagus falcatus ෴ හාතවාරිය

Asparagus falcatus Asparagus falcatus Asparagus falcatus


Asparagus falcatus is an evergreen climbing shrub. The roots of this plant form swollen tubers that resemble sweet potatoes. Older stems are light grey and have sharp, hard thorns that are curved backwards. The thorns serve as protection against predators as well as to grip onto the host plant to reach sunlight. Leaves are up to 80 mm long, sickle-shaped, shiny dark green with a prominent vein. It has small, white, fragrant flowers appearing from September to December. The fruit is a red berry. The seed is round, shiny and black.

  • Common Name In Sri Lanka: Hathawariya (හාතවාරිය)
  • Scientific Name: Asparagus falcatus
  • Habitat: It is ideally suited to the forest and forest edges of these locations
  • Average Height: up to 7 meters high

Asparagus falcatus is part of the catalog of ayurvedic medicinal plants of Sri Lanka.

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