Madunagala Hot Springs

Madunagala Hot Springs Madunagala Hot Springs Madunagala Hot Springs

Madunagala is famous for hot water springs. It is a beautiful creation of nature situated in Madunagala hermitage in the Hambantota district, close to Sooriyawewa town in Southern province of Sri Lanka. This place will leave a monumental experience for you.

Earlier, there were only the well and two - three tanks on an empty land. But it has been properly constructed recent past. Water flows from tank to tank on both sides, creating different temperatures in different tanks. Remember that, water in first tank is significantly hot. If you have little kids, don’t just pour water on them right away. It’s wise to start from the last tank which the temperature is low. It’s interesting to change tanks while bathing.

Here you can’t jump into the water at once like in some world-famous hot springs. At the same time, bathing is allowed using provided small buckets (you can’t take buckets from outside). That rule is imposed to keep the water level without dropping. Changing rooms are provided for both males and females.

If you are hoping to have a bath right here, you need to keep this in thoughts. On some vacations, specifically on lengthy weekends, this place gets crowded. Therefore, on those days, the officials prohibit bathing right here, for clear reasons. But in the evenings, when the region becomes less crowded, they'll permit people to have a bath again. There’s a notice mentioning this factor nearby. So, in case you are going there on a long weekend and you need to bath, cross there in the evening.

It’s something interesting to get to know how water get heated up here. It is stated that the hot water springs are created with the aid of deep cracks of the bedrock on this planet. We all know that the temperature gets high when moved toward the crust of the earth. So, the water in deep has excessive temperatures. So, while there is a deep crack on bedrock, hot water comes out as springs.

People trust that this water has an unbelievable power to remedy skin illnesses as well as eye sicknesses. Simultaneously the clergymen resided at nearby hermitages and cave temples are tried to have baths here rather than healing pores and skin eczemas and rheumatic accidents. Even these days devotees agree with that baths energize them. They strongly agree with that their rashes and skin sicknesses may be vanished by way of bathing.

Madunagala temple is constructed on a scenic rock boulder covered by a thick jungle. Somehow if you could visit the place in early in the morning you can see many varieties of birds in the sky. A small aquarium and few cages made for a number of birds and rabbits can be seen at Madunagala hot water springs site. The forest is lovely home to wild elephants, bears, Deers etc.

By the way, you can have a ‘Belimal’ tea or a ‘Ranawara’ tea from the local stalls in the area. As a matter of fact, you can buy traditional Sri Lankan rice meals like ‘heenati’, ‘Suwandel’ and ‘Kekulu’ varieties of Rice.

The place is open from 7.00 am – 7.00 pm.

Madunagala Hot Springs Madunagala Hot Springs Madunagala Hot Springs

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