Acorus calamus

Acorus calamus Acorus calamus Acorus calamus

prescriptions Acorus calamus. Linn. (Araceae), commonly known as “sweet flag” or “calamus”, is a semiaquatic, perennial, aromatic herb with creeping rhizomes. The plant is found in the northern temperate and subtropical regions of Asia, North America, and Europe. The plant exhibits polyploidy. Many ethnomedicinal and ethnobotanical uses have been ascribed to the rhizomes of the plant. A. calamus. Linn. (AC) has been used as traditional Chinese and Indian prescriptions for its beneficial effects on memory disorder, learning performance, lipid peroxide content, and anti-aging and anticholinergic activity.Acorus Calamus is a medicinal plant that generally grows near lakes, ponds and streams. It is also called as sweet flag. The root of Acorus Calamus has medical properties. It is abundantly found inIndia, where it is a popular home remedy. The very smell of the root of acorus proclaims its therapeutic properties. Acorus Calamus is body coolant that also aids digestion. The dried root of this medicinal herb is widely used in India.

The dried root of Acorus Calamus can be chewed directly. Though it is bitter in taste, it has excellent medicinal properties. No matter how old is the root, it doesn’t lose its properties. In Ayurveda treatment Acorus Calamus is used for treating mental disorders and epilepsy. It is also useful for treating diarrhea. It soothes their stomach and makes them free of gas and intestinal worms. It would relieve them from colic stomach pain due to gas. Vasambu honey mix is given to children early morning. It is believed to be good for body heat and bowel movement. Acorus Calamus is believed to enhance the voice of children. Acorus Calamus is also expected to enhance intelligence in children. Acorus Calamus is a natural coolant that can heal your bowel.

Acorus calamus is part of the catalog of ayurvedic medicinal plants of Sri Lanka.

Acorus calamus Acorus calamus Acorus calamus

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